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Your Vote For GRAY Matters!

Pardon the Pun, but it does matter. Your Vote is essential in protecting the character of Palo Alto that we all know and love.

Palo Alto is facing precedent setting decisions that will greatly impact what our future looks like.
1. Will we find financial balance, or will we hand a monster Bond to our children to deal with?
2. Will we sell our park lands to pay for our overspending?

Regional Cooperation -- Opportunity for Greater Services at Lower Cost

Regionalization is a theme that needs to be embraced by the City of Palo Alto. Some ideas will work and others will not, but we need to explore the possibilities with an open mind.

For example, we all know that disasters do not confine themselves to political boundaries, yet we have a separate director of Emergency Preparedness, and a portion of the Public Safety facility involves an Emergency command center, yet these seem to be resources that could be shared with Stanford? Mountain View? Los Altos? Menlo Park? etc.

Our Skyline Is Not For Sale: For Exceptions, Apply an objective and consistent standard for Community Benefits.

"Editorial: Stretching the Brown Act (as published in the Palo Alto Weekly)
Tight-lipped, city staff defends closed council sessions to discuss selling small foothills parcel.

For one, there has been no policy discussion, at least in open session where the law requires it must occur, about whether or why the city should even consider selling this parcel. Yet for unexplained reasons, city staff is already negotiating the terms and price of a sale in private...." read full story at http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=26870


City's Infrastructure Report -- Let's do the ARITHMETIC and Get It Done!

The City Infrastructure report categorized the "Infrastructure Deficit" as in several categories like "Catch up", "Keep Up", "Special Projects" or replacement needs, and then there are prudent reserves for future needs. We all know that things don't "wear out" all at once, but we do know with some precision the "useful lives" of those assets and setting up prudent reserves for the day they do break is a common business practice.

Whether the "Deficit" is $300 million or $400 million does not change the need for fundamental change in the City's budgeting and spending.

Independence Has A Price -- Free from Contributions and Endorsers

My campaign is a model of loyalty to the residents of Palo Alto.

I have chosen to be independent, in fact and in appearance, by not accepting contributions and not seeking endorsements.

There is an area between the left and the right where reason and logic exist ... it is known as "The Gray Area"

Gone are the political boxes that we place candidates. Doing more with less is a reality that must be embraced by all political flavors. Within the financial balance, we can return to voicing our political philosophies that would determine priorities.

However, until we reach that fiscal balance, we have to be on the same team that embraces a little sacrifice for all. A popular notion? No. A necessity? Absolutely. Unify to thrive.

Demonstrate Discipline before Bailout with infrastructure Bond Measure

The Palo Alto political machinery is gearing up to “Sell” the community on the idea of a bond measure to fund the infrastructure deficit.

I certainly understand the need to fix our roads and sidewalks, to underground the utility lines, and to replace the Public Safety Building before a potential disaster comes our way.

The big deception headed our way is that if you don’t support a big bond measure, you are not supporting public safety.

A True Representative: Our Own Opinions Can Become Special Interests

Candidates are often pressed to offer their opinion on very detailed issues that are being worked on within the City Government.

How can one person figure out all the nuances of all the complex issues faced by the city?

My answer is that they shouldn't. To be a true "Representative", it takes great discipline to engage in community discussions with an unbiased and open mind.

"Horse Trading" Paradise for a Parking Lot -- Stand for Transparency and Inclusiveness

With the latest Megaproject coming to the Palo Alto Council under Planned Community Zoning, resident must be ready to verify and quantify the proposed “Community Benefit” or we will end up with future growth that causes us to shake our heads and say “How did this happen?”
We all know about the Comprehensive Plan sincerely tried to present a Shared Community Vision around growth.

We Can't Go On Like This and Keep Telling Ourselves We Are Doing A Good Job!

"Palo Alto's ticking time bomb" -- A Palo Alto Weekly News Story about City Pension Deficits
As you read the Palo Alto Weekly Story please ask yourself "Who was on the council prior to 2007 as the Pension and Infrastructure deficits mounted, and what actions did they take to correct it?"

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