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Conflict of Interest Request to Palo Alto City Council, RE: Fair Political Practices Commission

Good Evening Mayor and Council Members,

My name is Timothy Gray.
Thank you for the opportunity to be with you this evening.

What I am addressing is really, at the heart of the matter, what I stand for:
Being a champion of accountability, champion of independence and a voice of ALL residents… Not just narrow special interests.

Building a future of Unity, Cooperation and Inclusiveness

Our combined experiences offer an abundance of opportunity for wise and enlightened ideas. We need to take advantage of this wealth of experience.

The Future has room for participants who are representative of Palo Alto voters:

1. They have been busy building a career, and have had to struggle just to find time for personal relationships and family.

2. They have been busy raising a family and focused on just getting the children to complete homework and getting the children to bed on time.

Comprehensive Plan is the City's "Constitution" and its need to be honored:

Each of us has a vision of what Palo Alto should be like in the future. Although our visions are different, they share common qualities. We aspire to create a safe, beautiful City for children, our future generations, and ourselves. We envision a City with diverse housing opportunities, where the natural environment is protected, where excellent services are provided, and where citizens have a say in government. We aspire to create a City that is economically healthy and a good place to do business.

The 800 Pound Gorilla of Campaign Finance -- How Special Interest Sidestep Full Disclosure

"Independent Expenditures" is a Code Word used by Special Interest to influence Local Elections and sidestep disclosure requirements, even when there is a clear conflict of interest.

Just look at the attached publication published by the Fair Political Practices Commission (The PDF is attached).

As stated in State of California Fair Political Practices Commission report:

"Independent expenditures" has thwarted the will of the people..."

Simply Community Service

I am volunteering for a community service job. The Palo Alto City Council election is November 6.

No glamour -- just simple principals:

-- Responsible spending that makes room for repair of aging infrastructure. Built a future with sustainable financial balance.
-- Openness, transparency, and fairness in all council actions.
-- Curb abuses of zoning loopholes that do not honor the spirit of the City's Comprehensive Plan, causing congestion, and sidesteps funding of increased demand on infrastructure and schools.

No question about Tim's Consistency: What can Gray do for you? (Click here for entire story)

Why is Financial Discipline the most urgent need for Palo Alto?

The Palo Alto Weekly Features Tim Gray (Click here for the entire story)

The October 3 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly features interviews of several candidates for City Council, including me. You can also view the entire October 3 edition in pdf form by clicking on the image of the cover. The overview, titled "Finances, infrastructure and the city's future" begins on page 21, and my interview is on page 24. The following is excerpted from the interview: Also, see the entire video of the interview at http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=6096 .

Invitation to Participate

Hello, this is Tim Gray.

Thank you for logging on and participating in this website and campaign for City Council of Palo Alto. I am very interested in knowing more about how you feel about various City of Palo Alto decisions that we as community are facing.

This is a campaign of ideas, and I welcome the chance to respond to your suggestions and questions. If you would like me to get a question answered from some branch of the City Government, I will track down the response for you. You have my full attention and focus.

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