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I guess I am destined to go fishing instead of going to City Council meetings in the next few years.

I guess I am destined to go fishing instead of going to City Council meetings in the next few years.
The 5,000 votes I got for my brand of Environmental preservation, fiscal restraint, and socially progressive outlook didn't win over those entrenched in the machines. Back to fishing for Salmon and Steelhead. Thanks for all the kind cheers. I modeled participation in democracy for my children and started friendships with some pretty enlightened people.
LIZ KNISS 24.60% 11,888
GREG SCHMID 19.30% 9,327
PAT BURT 18.62% 8,996
MARC BERMAN 18.54% 8,956
TIMOTHY GRAY 10.62% 5,130

Ready to Serve: Your Vote For Gray Matters!

Your Vote does make a difference to the future of Palo Alto.

Please Vote Tuesday November 6!

Gray receives Palo Alto Daily Post Endorsement

"We’re also pleased to recommend Tim Gray, an accountant who has been on the civic scene for years,
consistently arguing against overdevelopment and for spending restraint.

"...For those who are unhappy with the status quo at city hall, Gray is absolutely their best choice in this election."

See the entire story attached.

Good News in Today’s Paper for Candidate Gray

Spend Less for A Balanced Tomorrow! Is There Room in Your Yard for a Sign?

If you feel inspired to help Tim stand up for Palo Alto, please leave a message in the "Contact Tim" section, email Tim at TimothyGray@SbcGlobal.net, or call him at 650 493-3000.

Please join Tim's campaign for Common Sense in City Government, and support an independent voice with high integrity. Thank you so much for your trust.


Protecting Our Neighborhoods from Flooding is a Priority

Palo Alto has made improvements in San Francisquito Creek to reduce potential flooding from "Choke Points" as the water flows to the Bay.

One major "Choke Point" that continues to keep areas of Crescent Park including areas of the Duvenek / St. Francis Neighborhood Association is the Chaucer Street Bridge. Progress has been made in creating plans for this solution, but the unresolved funding essentially keeps residents in this area hostage to the threat of another flood season.

Deliver on the Compost Promise or Return to the Parks -- Part 2

Dear residents that want to make sure that this project is responsible to Planet Earth and our pocketbooks:

The project's hypothesis is that the waste-to-energy plant on the 10 acres of Bixby Park will be less expensive than shipping waste elsewhere.

Let's stand together and protect the integrity of this evaluation by making sure that the City's enthusiasm for being Green doesn't ignore the green of the budget.

Gray Advocates for Living Within Our Means, While Others Say Break Prop 13 And Tax Homeowners.

At the two most recent league of Women Voters forums, Liz Kniss has discussed how she would like to lead a local effort to reform prop 13 to allow higher residential property taxes since "residents should be willing to pay more for the valuable services they are receiving." She said that it is simply "not fair that new buyers pay $20,000 to $30,000 a year in property taxes and and previous home owners are paying significantly less. I am sure there are many in this room that would be willing to pay more," she said.

Infrastructure First! Budgeting -- Taking a Stand for Financial Balance

I am advocating for us to take an Infrastructure First approach to budgeting so that we don't get further behind in maintaining our streets and sidewalks (fully fund "keep-up" and also set aside a few more million to the "catch-up" category. We should also set aside reserves for replacing our newer facilities from day one, so that we have a meaningful pool of money to repair and replace them as needed.

Gray injects green into council campaign

From the Palo Alto Weekly:

Tim Gray's dark-horse candidacy for the Palo Alto City Council received a major boost from a $30,000 contribution that the financial consultant has injected into his own campaign.

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