“Leadership comes from the hearts of community members — I simply want to give that message a clear voice.” —Citizen Gray

"Horse Trading" Paradise for a Parking Lot -- Stand for Transparency and Inclusiveness

With the latest Megaproject coming to the Palo Alto Council under Planned Community Zoning, resident must be ready to verify and quantify the proposed “Community Benefit” or we will end up with future growth that causes us to shake our heads and say “How did this happen?”
We all know about the Comprehensive Plan sincerely tried to present a Shared Community Vision around growth.

We Can't Go On Like This and Keep Telling Ourselves We Are Doing A Good Job!

"Palo Alto's ticking time bomb" -- A Palo Alto Weekly News Story about City Pension Deficits
As you read the Palo Alto Weekly Story please ask yourself "Who was on the council prior to 2007 as the Pension and Infrastructure deficits mounted, and what actions did they take to correct it?"

Building a future of Unity, Cooperation and Inclusiveness

Our combined experiences offer an abundance of opportunity for wise and enlightened ideas. We need to take advantage of this wealth of experience.

The Future has room for participants who are representative of Palo Alto voters:

1. They have been busy building a career, and have had to struggle just to find time for personal relationships and family.

2. They have been busy raising a family and focused on just getting the children to complete homework and getting the children to bed on time.

Comprehensive Plan is the City's "Constitution" and its need to be honored:

Each of us has a vision of what Palo Alto should be like in the future. Although our visions are different, they share common qualities. We aspire to create a safe, beautiful City for children, our future generations, and ourselves. We envision a City with diverse housing opportunities, where the natural environment is protected, where excellent services are provided, and where citizens have a say in government. We aspire to create a City that is economically healthy and a good place to do business.

The 800 Pound Gorilla of Campaign Finance -- How Special Interest Sidestep Full Disclosure

"Independent Expenditures" is a Code Word used by Special Interest to influence Local Elections and sidestep disclosure requirements, even when there is a clear conflict of interest.

Just look at the attached publication published by the Fair Political Practices Commission (The PDF is attached).

As stated in State of California Fair Political Practices Commission report:

"Independent expenditures" has thwarted the will of the people..."

Simply Community Service

I am volunteering for a community service job. The Palo Alto City Council election is November 6.

No glamour -- just simple principals:

-- Responsible spending that makes room for repair of aging infrastructure. Built a future with sustainable financial balance.
-- Openness, transparency, and fairness in all council actions.
-- Curb abuses of zoning loopholes that do not honor the spirit of the City's Comprehensive Plan, causing congestion, and sidesteps funding of increased demand on infrastructure and schools.

ELECTION 2012: Tim Gray featured in August 16 Palo Alto Weekly

Tim Gray was interviewed in the article titled "Palo Alto sees shrinking pool of City Council candidates" in the Palo Alto Weekly. From the article:

The city's first council election since the switch has attracted the smallest pool of candidates in nearly two decades, with only eight local residents pulling nomination papers from the City Clerk's Office (two of the eight decided not to run: well-known environmentalist Bob Wenzlau and panhandler Victor Frost).

The race for four seats on the nine-member council also includes incumbents Pat Burt and Greg Schmid, former two-time mayor Liz Kniss and Marc Berman, an attorney who served last year on the city's Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission, financial consultant Timothy Gray and concert promoter Mark Weiss.

Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters -- The November 3, 2009 Election Results


This is the link for the official election results. Thanks for cheering me on!

Our Ad -- Consistent with a simple message:

Thank you for Participating... and the next step:

Even after the election is over, we can keep our focus on the deep love we all share for our City?

While the divisive topic of Labor Unions has captured our recent attention, let’s really focus on the end-game: that being a balanced financial future where there is room to:

  1. support measures that that strengthen the emotional as well as the academic well-being of our youth,
  2. find a way to fix our creeks before a flood delivers a tragedy,
  3. revitalize our business district so that we restore a retail tax revenue base, and
  4. find a High Speed Rail solution that does not blight our neighborhood.

I know we can unify around that better future. However we must make some sacrifices today, just as Union members are being asked to share in the pain of the current situation. This is not an anti-Union statement. It is simply a necessity of the times. My father, who retired from a Union job, impressed upon me the value that Unions play. As the first person in my family to graduate from college, my education was self-funded by a Summer Job with Teamsters Union wages.

We have great compassion and appreciation for the City workers who may only see a take-away. We have all had setbacks in the current environment. I know for myself, looking to the future through the lens of appreciation has been the most effective medicine while bridging to a balanced future.

--Tim Gray

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