“Leadership comes from the hearts of community members — I simply want to give that message a clear voice.” —Citizen Gray

ELECTION 2009: Meet Candidate Tim Gray — October 9 Palo Alto Weekly

The Palo Alto Weekly recently published profiles of each of the fourteen candidates for Palo Alto City Council. Here's a portion of Timothy Gray's profile. The complete profile is here on the Palo Alto Online website. There's also a pdf of the entire Meet the Candidates section.

Tim Gray wants to be the "finance guy" on the Palo Alto City Council.

Gray has spent his professional life advising hospitals and other businesses on financial matters. An accountant by training, he has spent seven years with the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in the 1990s, building the hospital's financial operations.

Timothy Gray -- An Independent Messenger

The winner of an election is not any group of candidates. The winner is the ideas expressed by a few sincere individuals who speak their truth to the best of their ability. The name attached to the winning ideas matters less than the ideas themselves.

The Man Who Saved the Big Tree (Click here to view picture and story)

(as referenced in the left hand tab Tim's Bio. )

Introduction: At a recent Candidate Forum, a person walked up to Tim and said, "You're the man who saved the big tree." This was a reference to the mention in "Tim's Bio" of Tim's having saved the giant Wisteria that is now in his front yard on Park Blvd.

It turns out that "saving the big tree" was meaningful to many people, so this story is being posted to honor the Wisteria and to symbolize the qualities of caring and nurturing that can be difficult to communicate to 60,000 Palo Alto residents in a short election cycle.

The rest of the story . . .

ELECTION 2007: Up close with the candidates for Palo Alto City Council -- October 11 Palo Alto Daily News (Click here for Story)

Palo Alto Daily News Staff Report

Candidate Profile for: Tim Gray

AGE: 47

OCCUPATION: Financial adviser in health care sector

FAMILY: Married with three children in Palo Alto schools


EDUCATION: B.S. in business administration from California State University, Sacramento; licensed Certified Public Accountant

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: Member of Board of Directors for the East Palo Alto Teen Home and the Age Center Alliance; volunteer grant writer for St. Luke's Hospital

Q: How would you approach the Stanford expansion projects?

No question about Tim's Consistency: What can Gray do for you? (Click here for entire story)

Why is Financial Discipline the most urgent need for Palo Alto?

The Palo Alto Weekly Features Tim Gray (Click here for the entire story)

The October 3 edition of the Palo Alto Weekly features interviews of several candidates for City Council, including me. You can also view the entire October 3 edition in pdf form by clicking on the image of the cover. The overview, titled "Finances, infrastructure and the city's future" begins on page 21, and my interview is on page 24. The following is excerpted from the interview: Also, see the entire video of the interview at http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=6096 .

Invitation to Participate

Hello, this is Tim Gray.

Thank you for logging on and participating in this website and campaign for City Council of Palo Alto. I am very interested in knowing more about how you feel about various City of Palo Alto decisions that we as community are facing.

This is a campaign of ideas, and I welcome the chance to respond to your suggestions and questions. If you would like me to get a question answered from some branch of the City Government, I will track down the response for you. You have my full attention and focus.

Timothy Gray — Palo Alto City Council

Stepping into the future together.

A Green Future is a Golden Future. Citizen participation is the key.

Financial stewardship and care for our environment can complement each other.

Palo Alto has a rich history of innovation -- We will Discover the Gold in Green.

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