Going Green — Sign Up for Renewable Energy with Palo Alto Green

Going Green is about being aware of our footprint on the planet and taking actions within our immediate reach to work together for an environmentally stable world.

Every day is an opportunity to help create a better world.

It is not as difficult to make a difference as it may seem. We can all do our part to ensure a healthy environment and preserve our community for future generations. Palo Alto has a program that allows utility customers to select Green energy (see the details about signing up below). There will be many opportunities for citizen participation as Palo Alto implements its "zero waste" plan. We have a unique opportunity to lead the nation and teach our children a tradition of conservation that will not only benefit this town, but also the practices that we establish here will migrate to other areas and score a much broader impact.

For example, composting can reduce the landfill demand by a large percentage. As a city, we need to invest in education and provide the mechanisms, so that composting is a convenient activity with 100% participation. I am inspired to be a part of making this happen. This can be just the start of building momentum for citizens' actions that will make a difference.

Environmental improvement is ripe for creativity and discovery. Another example is community awareness of how consumer choices impact the planet. We will learn together how to make improvements every day. Never mind criticizing the past — let's just find ways to improve. Use the following link to read about how cities are the key to a greener world. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/03/us/03mayors.html?_r=1&th&emc=th&oref=s...

You can start now by signing with the Palo Alto Utilities to purchase renewable energy generated by wind or geothermal sources. Just click on the link below. With a simple registration, the City will buy renewable energy. For the average customer, buying Green electricity will increase your bill by $5 to $10 per month (1.5 cents per kilowatt hour).

Try it. You can always opt out of the program at any time. Meanwhile, you can cooperate in making Palo Alto one of the greenest places on Earth. Really, just click, scroll down to the form that asks for your name and address, fill in the blanks, and push "submit."

PaloAltoGreen Program

This is a web link that takes you to the City of Palo Alto website and allows you to register for a special program that buys your portion of electricity from renewable resources.

A text version of the Palo Alto Utilities enrollment form is included below, should you choose to print it out and submit it to the Palo Alto Utilities Customer Service Center in City Hall, mail to
Attention: Utility Marketing Services
250 Hamilton Ave. 3rd Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Or call for more information: 650-329-2161

PaloAltoGreen is a voluntary program available to CPAU residents and business customers. This new program offers the option of supporting 100% renewable energy from the wind at some of the lowest rates in the nation. For more information, click here, email us paloaltogreen@cityofpaloalto.org or call Utility Marketing Services at 650-329-2241.

Enrollment is simple, voluntary and reversible. All customers enrolling online will receive immediate confirmation upon submittal of the form and will be mailed an enrollment packet from CPAU within two weeks.

First Name: ________________________________ *required

Last Name: ________________________________ *required

CPAU Account Number: ______________________________________

Name on Account: _________________________________________ *required

Service Address: _________________________________________
(number and street) *required

Apartment or Unit: ____________________________(if applicable)

City: ________________________________________ *required

State: California

Zip Code: ______________________*required

Daytime Phone: __________________________ *required

Email: __________________________________ *required

Retype Email to confirm: ______________________________ *required

How did you hear about the program:

YES! I am a RESIDENT and would like to sign for PaloAltoGreen! I want to support 100% renewable energy from wind power through a small additional charge of $0.015 charge per kilowatt hour (kWh) per month on my utility bill. I agree with the PaloAltoGreen terms and conditions.

YES! I am a BUSINESS OPERATOR and would like to sign for PaloAltoGreen! I want to support 100% renewable energy from wind power through a small additional charge per month on my utility bill. Depending on my electricity use, I will either 1) pay a small additional charge of $0.015 charge per kilowatt hour (kWh) per month on my utility bill, or 2) pay $15.00 per 1,000 kWh blocks. I agree with the PaloAltoGreen terms and conditions.


The following pricing terms and conditions disclose to consumers information about the PaloAltoGreen Program in accordance with Green-e certification requirements.

• The premium is 1.5¢ on kWh usage per month.
• Your monthly utility bill will show an additional line item.
• This premium is in addition to all regular CPAU fees.
• You are charged only for kWh used.
• Does not include fees for customer service and delivery.
• This rate will not change.
• You may cancel your enrollment any time at no charge.

Information about the source of CPAU power can be found on the Power Content Label page.

For more information, please contact CPAU, 650-329-2161, paloaltogreen@cityofpaloalto.org, or www.cityofpaloalto.org/utilities