ELECTION 2009: Meet Candidate Tim Gray — October 9 Palo Alto Weekly

The Palo Alto Weekly recently published profiles of each of the fourteen candidates for Palo Alto City Council. Here's a portion of Timothy Gray's profile. The complete profile is here on the Palo Alto Online website. There's also a pdf of the entire Meet the Candidates section.

Tim Gray wants to be the "finance guy" on the Palo Alto City Council.

Gray has spent his professional life advising hospitals and other businesses on financial matters. An accountant by training, he has spent seven years with the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in the 1990s, building the hospital's financial operations.

More recently, he's been advising children's hospitals in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Gray, 49, owns a downtown business, Treasury Advocates, which assists businesses with tax recovery, mergers and acquisitions.

Gray says he realizes his background isn't glamorous, but he quickly adds that he's not seeking fame or status.

"I view serving on a Council as a job -- it's really pro-bono work," Gray said. "I'm not in it for the glamour."


Timothy Gray refuses to seek endorsements of unions during their negotiations with City of Palo Alto

He [Timothy Gray] said the labor group's endorsement, which he expects to be accompanied by expensive mailers and other potential campaign contributions should be rejected.

"Gail Price, Corey Levens, Nancy Shepherd -- I urge them to set aside this conflicted money and be independent," Gray said at the council meeting.

[more from the article on Palo Alto Online]

Timothy Gray's response about the South Bay Labor Council election mailer

This is the result of the endorsement referenced in the article published earlier this week.

Thanks for care observation of the truth of what has been reported.

Timothy Gray, Candidate for Palo Alto City Council, and I am not accepting endorsements or contributions to avoid this Conflict of Interest.

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