Thank you for Participating... and the next step:

Even after the election is over, we can keep our focus on the deep love we all share for our City?

While the divisive topic of Labor Unions has captured our recent attention, let’s really focus on the end-game: that being a balanced financial future where there is room to:

  1. support measures that that strengthen the emotional as well as the academic well-being of our youth,
  2. find a way to fix our creeks before a flood delivers a tragedy,
  3. revitalize our business district so that we restore a retail tax revenue base, and
  4. find a High Speed Rail solution that does not blight our neighborhood.

I know we can unify around that better future. However we must make some sacrifices today, just as Union members are being asked to share in the pain of the current situation. This is not an anti-Union statement. It is simply a necessity of the times. My father, who retired from a Union job, impressed upon me the value that Unions play. As the first person in my family to graduate from college, my education was self-funded by a Summer Job with Teamsters Union wages.

We have great compassion and appreciation for the City workers who may only see a take-away. We have all had setbacks in the current environment. I know for myself, looking to the future through the lens of appreciation has been the most effective medicine while bridging to a balanced future.

--Tim Gray