The 800 Pound Gorilla of Campaign Finance -- How Special Interest Sidestep Full Disclosure
"Independent Expenditures" is a Code Word used by Special Interest to influence Local Elections and sidestep disclosure requirements, even when there is a clear conflict of interest.

Just look at the attached publication published by the Fair Political Practices Commission (The PDF is attached).

As stated in State of California Fair Political Practices Commission report:

"Independent expenditures" has thwarted the will of the people..."

The report goes on to say "Here's the theory behind "Independent expenditures." The people may enact laws limiting direct contributions to candidates in order to avoid the possibility or appearance of undue influence over candidates or office holders. But unlimited contributions to "independent expenditures" are okay -- the theory goes -- their is no possibility of undue influence. This theory defies logic. It presumes candidates and officeholders will remain blissfully ignorant of the special interest money that elected them."

This is not the opinion of Citizen Gray or Candidate Gray, .... this is the published position of the Fair Political Practices Commission that is charged with protecting us from this kind of fraudulent pretense of innocence.

Last election a couple candidates denied Union denied Union support and then several days later a full page Union funded full-color glossy mailer arrived in the mail boxes of all the registered voters of Palo Alto. The Fair Political Practices Commission has declared that this (the Big Dollar Mailer) action has "thwarted the will of the people."

These are not my words... I am simply here to report the absolute fact that:

I have been very clear and consistent with the following statement:
After I made the controversial declaration that The Fair Political Practices Commission has declared that the actions by Candidates funded by the Labor Council actions have "thwarted the will of the people," not a single candidate has been willing to sign up for the support and funding from the South Bay Labor Council.

"Just say no special interest", was my rallying call, and I was pleased to see that this election's candidates did not take the temptation of special interest money.

This is niether Pro-Union or Anti-Union, but is bringing to light the fact of Union-sponsorship which the candidates try to hide by using technicalities of the rules. The entire community interests cannot be served by anything less than full and complete disclosure of campaign efforts. It is a simple matter of integrity, and being free to represent the greater good of the entire community.

Every candidate has a moral responsility to avoid conflict of interest, either in fact or in appearance.

Best regards,

Citizen Gray

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