Building a future of Unity, Cooperation and Inclusiveness

Our combined experiences offer an abundance of opportunity for wise and enlightened ideas. We need to take advantage of this wealth of experience.

The Future has room for participants who are representative of Palo Alto voters:

1. They have been busy building a career, and have had to struggle just to find time for personal relationships and family.

2. They have been busy raising a family and focused on just getting the children to complete homework and getting the children to bed on time.

This is a campaign that has an outcome beyond the immediate election. It is about opening the door to the many citizens who have much to offer, but may be held back by the notion that some strategic path has to be followed before entry is appropriate.

This is an invitation to "Come as you are." Your opinions and ideas are valuable. Your patience, open-mindedness, and listening skills are even more important.

A vote for Timothy Gray is a vote for yourself.