I may not "know it all" but I know how to offer a neutral mind that can "hear it all" and work for the greatest good for all

As you probably know, it can be a challenge for a person that is not accustomed to being in the public limelight to step onto the stage and engage in detail discussions related to the vast topics that come up in governing our City.

With that said, thank you for your interest my advocacy for fiscal balance, and for measures to moderate growth through consistent and objective measures to value "Public Benefit" as projects are considered.

While I may not be an award-winning orator, I do have the time and know-how to form sincere relationships from diverse parts of the community, and in the end, increase civic involvement. (End result: good decisions.)

I hope you see the very practical value of including Timothy Gray as one your four votes. My finance skills would be a solid addition. I am a cooperator, and will find a way to make things work for the greater good. I am ready to do the work.

Best regards,

Tim Gray