Your Vote For GRAY Matters!

Pardon the Pun, but it does matter. Your Vote is essential in protecting the character of Palo Alto that we all know and love.

Palo Alto is facing precedent setting decisions that will greatly impact what our future looks like.
1. Will we find financial balance, or will we hand a monster Bond to our children to deal with?
2. Will we sell our park lands to pay for our overspending?
3. Will we sell the soul of our community to the highest bidder, or will we fight to maintain the unique character of our community and agreed-upon standards that caused us to choose Palo Alto in the first place?

We must moderate our spending and make a "down-payment" on the infrastructure deficit before we even think about a bond measure!

Our parks are not for sale!

Our skies are not for sale! Moderated and responsible growth that is directed by a shared community vision is our future!

Please know that Candidate Timothy Gray is resolute and courageous in his stand for these core principles. Your vote for Gray does matter.