The best ideas often come from the softest voices. We must listen deeply.

My vision for Palo Alto is one of balance… environmental, fiscal and for the quality of life.

Palo Alto has a rich history, and a reputation as a city of innovation. When I walk out my door each morning I say, "I love this place." When my children's grandchildren walk out their doors in the Palo Alto of the future, I want them to have the same sentiment. Our City may look significantly different then, while it can still be a wonderful place to live.

While we can't dictate the future, we can set examples and establish traditions and programs that will serve to bring forth the greatest good for our community. This is my vision.

Balance is a pathway of discovery. It may seem almost impossible to maintain balance in our world when we consider the challenges of protecting the environment, preserving the quality of life, and at the same time making room for more people. Yet I strongly believe that we can be true to our heritage and find the way. By respecting the different points of view of our diverse community, we can find a balance as we honor and strengthen the points of agreement. And then, from a unified vision, forward progress will be assured.