The Fix Is In ... but this Horse is not out!

Posted by Resident, a resident of Another Palo Alto neighborhood, 24 minutes ago

I strongly disagree with the Weekly's endorsement of so much old blood. I would favor new faces and in particular Tim Gray who is doing so much to reach out to residents and willing to put forward his common sense views on important matters that face us, namely the budget and infrastructure concerns. Tim Gray is like a breath of fresh air and it is a great shame that he was not elected last time.

ps I do not know Tim Gray and have no part in his campaign.

Tim's comment: It is a badge of honor to have the Palo Alto Weekly not include me with same old group of insiders. The article did offer this back-handed compliment:

"For voters looking for an alternative to Kniss, either out of principle or because of her views, Tim Gray is the best alternative. Gray is a CPA and financial consultant specializing in recovering overpayments by companies that have gone through mergers or acquisitions. He lives in south Palo Alto with his wife and three school-age kids, and he wants to contribute his financial skills to the city's budget issues and to evaluating development proposals. He is concerned that the council is too responsive to developers and that continuing to approve new commercial development will lead to the city being forced to provide more housing to compensate for the jobs being created and that will lead to unwanted intensification."
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Suspicious when the announcer calls the race before its over?

Of note is the Editor's comment:

"Gray is limiting himself to a modest amount of his own funds. As a result, both are long-shots, and many political activists have proclaimed that there is not a real race this year."

There is humor when contrasted with the Palo Alto Daily / San Jose Mercury story about Gray having the largest campaign fund at $30,000.