Daily Post writes: "It will be a tight race between Berman and Gray"

From the October 8 Daily Post Opion: Editor declares "It will be a tight race between Berman and Gray."

"... Who will get the fourth seat? The two who will battle it out for the fourth seat will be attorney Marc Berman and accountant Tim Gray.

Berman is definitely a newcomer to Palo Alto Politics. While his occupation is that of an attorney, it is clear that his passion is politics. He did a good job of getting the endorsements from the Palo Alto 500, the term that describes the communities movers and shakers.

Labor's role: One concern about Berman is that he submitted the paperwork for the South Bay Labor Council's endorsement -- which is troubling since Council is is a tug-of-war with its unions over control of the City budget.

A union endorsement in Palo Alto at this time is radioactive, which might explain why the labor council, after interview Berman, decided not to make any endorsements. Why poison the chances of a candidate that might privately be sympathetic to labor?

Then Berman offered his own odd explanation -- that, yes, he sat down to do the endorsement interview and filled out the labor council's questionnaire, but never intended to accept their endorsement.

The other contender for the fourth seat is Tim Gray, an accountant who has long been critical of big salaries and overspending at City Hall. Gray has put up $30,000 of his own money to wage a campaign, which is more than enough to have a chance at winning. Gray ran once before but this time seems more focused and better organized.

It will be a tight race between Berman and Gray."

Reference: October 8 Issue, Page 6