Gray injects green into council campaign
From the Palo Alto Weekly:

Tim Gray's dark-horse candidacy for the Palo Alto City Council received a major boost from a $30,000 contribution that the financial consultant has injected into his own campaign.

Gray, who has twice run unsuccessfully for a seat on the nine-member council, is hoping that third time will be the charm and he's got the funds to prove it. While he ran his first two campaigns on a shoestring budget, his recent $30,000 contribution has given him the largest campaign chest of the six candidates in the race.

Gray, whose top issue is fiscal responsibility, told the Weekly that he is not accepting contributions for his council campaign. His decision to fund the campaign exclusively with his own money, he said, is intended to reinforce his status as an independent candidate.


Independent in Fact and in Appearance

My campaign has been known for being Green and championing the care for the Earth, but since the press associates "Front-Runner" status to a different kind of Green, I applied a new shade of "Green".

I want the residents to know that I am sincere in my offer of community service.

There is still a high degree of voter skepticism that the candidates will represent their best interest, so it is important that I show that I am independent, and that my motive is true community service.