Candidate's Statement


B.S. Finance and Accounting, Minor in Journalism and Economics, C.P.A.

My wife Susan and I have three young children, age 10, 10 (twins) and 13 in the Palo Alto Schools. We own a home in South Palo Alto.

I love this town. Palo Alto is a great place and I have a vested interest in keeping it as one of the best places on the planet to live and raise a family.

My advocacy is a vision of financial balance and well-funded infrastructure so that a financially strong City Government remains as a foundation, along with strong neighborhoods and great schools.

My experience as a Certified Public Accountant and experience as a father are great preparation for this much-needed advocacy. I am a cooperator.

Specifics: we need to prioritize City expenditures and make room for infrastructure reserves. In a word — Discipline. With the Rail in my back yard, I have a vested interest in protecting this devastating transportation scheme from running through our residential neighborhoods. We can find a win-win solution.

By not accepting endorsements or contributions, I offer an independent voice and an open mind to the office. If is a privilege to offer a choice.

Tim Gray for Palo Alto City Council

Hello and welcome to my website. I love Palo Alto! I've lived here for almost 22 years. My wife and I have three children in local schools. We enjoy living and working in Palo Alto and are committed to protecting the environment, preserving the quality of life, and making fiscal decisions that enable us to support these goals.

Several years back I read a former City Council member's newspaper column about the lack of citizen participation. After talking with my wife, I decided to run for City Council.

The foundation for my campaign is based on three evolving principles:
* Encourage community participation in government
* Financial stewardship
* Environmental responsibility — A Green Future is a Golden Future

I believe that by encouraging citizen participation, we will gain greater community understanding of our costs of being governed. And together, we can make decisions that will positively impact the future of our City.

The Council’s ability to represent the needs of Palo Alto will be enhanced by greater community connection. The Council is a policy-making group, and the formulation of policy is a dynamic (ever changing to meet present and future concerns) conversation. It is essential to act together if we want to protect the rich American tradition of representative government.

By respecting the different points of view of our diverse community, we can find a balance as we honor and strengthen the points of agreement. And then, from a unified vision, forward progress will be assured.

I am convinced that financial stewardship and care for our environment can complement each other. Palo Alto has a rich history of innovation: We will discover the Gold in Green. We will preserve what we like best about our beautiful City and our quality of life.

As a Certified Public Accountant and business consultant for Fortune 500 companies (many as large as, if not larger than, the City of Palo Alto) and hospitals nationwide, I can offer a solid set of financial skills that are an integral ingredient in the formation of an effective City Council. I believe a financially balanced city government not only protects our quality of life, but is also key to protecting our personal balance sheets (i.e., home values). Fiscal balance plays a vital role in my vision for Palo Alto.

As an experienced financial leader, known for my unique blend of pragmatism and idealism, I will be a voice for financial discipline. I have no conflicting special interests. I am free to truly represent the best interests of our community.

I also want to do everything possible to support youth services, and that includes the libraries and other valuable programs that the City Council can implement to impact positively our schools and children’s futures.

While we can't dictate the future, we can establish traditions and programs that will bring forth the greatest good for our community.

Please explore my website, and learn more about citizen participation, financial stewardship, and Green innovations. I welcome hearing from you and hope you will let me know your vision and concerns for Palo Alto. I am here to be a voice for our community.